Our Public Safety Solution is extremely practical, easy to use, and scalable over time as budgets permit. This system offers core integrations that are out-of-the-box, providing next generation capabilities to our customers.

We take pride in providing enterprise solution with unlimited IP cameras on City Wide Surveillance. Eye3Data is on the cutting-edge of the newest technology. Our VMS allows responding to citizens faster and more accurately than before, consequently increasing citizen satisfaction and builds security and trust.

Eye3Data's security solution for Retail market provides many perks along with reliable protection. Our systems are created to not only record video but are capable of integrating any POS system. Retailers can use our intelligent video applications to alert loss prevention staff to suspicious transactions such as refunds or check authorizations with no customer present. Security staff are alerted immediately to suspicious loitering, unauthorized access to storage areas, blocked doors or fire exits, and suspicious after-hours incidents.

Eye3Data's Parking Garage solution offer a complete NVR with License plate capture IP cameras which has built in software that helps to identify and capture license plates on still or moving vehicles. The intelligent traffic modes built into these cameras allows the camera to compensate for speed, weather, and headlight issues which all make it challenging to capture a usable video that identifies license plates.

Our Eye3-Tybis Video Management Software solutions provide commercial organizations with a comprehensive approach to ensuring the security of their customers, employees and assets.

Eye3Data can provide a custom solution for corporate wide campus using Tybis multi-tier enterprise IP software. We have a knowledgeable team that will be able to work with specific needs and find a reliable system that will fit any budget.

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