Eye3-Orbit LITE Embedded DVR

Eye3-Orbit LITE Embedded DVR is Eye3data’s LINUX based Standalone DVR. Packed with advanced features such as, 2-way audio, multi-site remote Live-monitoring/playback, MPEG4 compression, up to 2 Terabytes of disk storage and an easy to use "remote-control" based Graphical interface, this system is by far the most feature-rich and economical standalone solutions in the marketplace.

The system comes in 4 different models (E3S-4120, E3S-8120, E3S-16120 and E3S-16480) and operates under LINUX, which makes it extremely stable and reliable, with an almost zero-percent failure rate.  The system has been designed for ruggedness in harsh environments, easy to install, configure and maintain.  Eye3-Orbit LITE is ideal for locations without a full-time, onsite technical support team.  Most importantly, Eye3-ORBIT LITE is so reliable and stable that we offer a 36- month limited warranty, which is unbeatable in the market place.


Following are some salient features of the Eye3-Orbit LITE Series:

  •   MPEG4 Compression available in 4, 8 or 16 Channels
  •   Embedded Linux® Operating System
  •   Operating System on Compact Flash
  •   Up to 480 FPS (record and playback)
  •   Up to 16 Channels Video/Audio; 16 Audio Channels
  •   Up to 2.0TB of HDD Storage
  •   Adjustable Recording Rates for Time Lapse & Motion Detected Modes
  •   Multi-Level Password Protection
  •   Variable frame Rates for each Camera
  •  Video Alarm for Sensor and Motion Detection
  •  Email Notification for Sensor and Motion  Detection
  •  Remote/Local Password Authentication
  •  Multi-level Password Authentication
  •  (10) Video Zone Motion Detection
  •  Single or Multi-site Remote Monitoring Software
  •  24 Month Warranty
  • Advanced Integrations

    • Fully integrated with Eye3-INTEGRA IP Software (for Viewing only).  Eye3-Integra can receive video data from Eye3-Orbit, Eye3-Net and Eye3-Orbit LITE for viewing.
    • Integration with all PELCO-D, PELCO-P compatible PTZ Cameras


    • Schools and University Campuses
    • Government Facilities – Prisons, Correctional Facilities, Police Precincts, Court Houses, Government Buildings
    • Banks and Financial Institutions
    • Office Buildings/Facilities, Apartment Complexes
    • Bus Parking Lots and Garages
    • Manufacturing facilities, Assembly Plants
    • Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Resorts
    • Transportation – Bus Terminals, Airports, Train Stations
    • Retail – Shopping Malls, Open-Aired Malls, Strip Malls, Retail Stores


    View the Flyer SDS Model (pdf)        View the Flyer SDX Model (pdf)

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