City Surveillance Systems, simply put, are in place to protect the freedoms and overall safety of our citizens, tourists, and national interest. Suspicious activities can be hard to detect, and even impossible if the surveillance equipment used provides images that are inferior. Over just the last few years, Video Surveillance has made strides by leaps and bounds. Analog cameras are typically limited to D1 Resolution which is approximately 0.3 Megapixels or 640x480.

IP Cameras with 5 times the resolution capabilities are widely available and comparably priced while covering wide areas in great detail. It is not feasible or within city budgets to supply manned patrols, or hundreds of low resolution cameras. Today’s IP Camera systems provide more than just video evidence; Combined with analytics and intelligence these systems can quickly alert personnel when situations arise. These can include unattended packages, suspicious vehicles, people counting, and many other custom alerts. When these alerts are detected security personnel can be instantly notified by a variety of methods including text, page, email etc. When City Surveillance cameras can deter crime, save lives, and prevent national disasters, deploying todays technology while maintaining your budget makes complete sense.

Eye3Data is a leading Software Development Company focusing on IP Video Management Solution (VMS) and High Performance software H.264 Codec for Security Applications. Tybis is an IP video management software on the Server - Client platform that can monitor, record and control over 10,000 cameras. It is totally different from any currently existing Remote Software or CMS. It can support and manage various 3rd party video servers or IP cameras; it also can support PTZ cameras, keyboard, sensors and audio as well.

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